Vinyl Havens: My Top Three Record Shops in Helsinki

2013-03-25 1

The vinyl isn’t all about the music. It’s also about the big cover art and finding the records from records shops or flea markets.

If you want just music, buy a CD or MP3s; but if you want a whole experience, get vinyls. Here are my top 3 record shops in Helsinki:

Black & White Records is located at Toinen linja 1, 00530 Helsinki. It has spacey, bright and big collection of used vinyls. It doesn’t look that “rock and roll” than record stores usually do. Although I like that rock feel of record shops, I was surprised to notice that this “clean” one had become my favorite. Here, I can really concentrate to records and finding the one I want.

Levykauppa Äx (or in English: Record Store X) is at Arkadiankatu 14 B, 00100 Helsinki. They have two stores in in the city, but I like this one better. They actually have in total 8 shops around Finland, which is kind of a turn-off.

This one is messy, dark, loud and all the things you want from record shop. Music is always little bit too loud, and this one has the right feel! They have everything from CDs to DVDs, from vinyls to band t-shirts. They have movies and books too, so if I’m looking for getting more than just records, I’ll come here.

Keltainen Jäänsärkijä or the Yellow Ice Breaker (Urho Kekkosenkatu 4-6, 0100 Helsinki) is located right next to Finland’s most famous rock club Tavastia. I like it but the shop is small and always crowded. It’s really hard to find what you are looking for, so usually I just grab first couple of things I can find and get out of there. I hope I’ll find the times when there are less people in, so I could enjoy this shop more.

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