Lomography X-Pro Slide 200: A Medium Format Treasure


The richness of Lomography’s slide film, when cross processed, is something to behold! Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself….

For a long time, Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 has been my go-to medium format film for cross-processing. Its distinct color shifts sit somewhere between Velvia 50 and Fujichrome MS 100-1000. In daylight, you’ll see gorgeous gold tones, but what I love most about this film is its ability to perform in lower-lit situations and with a flash.

Credits: megzeazez

The great thing about this film is its higher ISO. Most slide films, with the exception of Provia 400X, are pretty slow speeds. I always feel more comfortable shooting slide films in daylight, or with a large aperture or slower shutter speed. The beauty of Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 is that I feel more than comfortable throwing it in my Diana, with its smaller apertures, an going to town. In fact, nearly all of the rolls of X-Pro Slide 200 I have shot have been in my Diana!

Credits: megzeazez

The film has a tendency toward green and gold, there’s no doubt about it. My favorite color is green and when I’m not shooting black and white these days I tend to want a variety of greens in my photographs, whether they’re natural or from x-pro color shifts. This film’s gold hues are so vibrant, as well, it’s hard not to notice!

Credits: megzeazez

A three-pack of this film is decently priced, and I’m not afraid to try a little experimentation with it. This willingness to push this film to its limits yielded one of my favorite photos of all time, a double-exposure of my boyfriend at my favorite arcade:

Credits: megzeazez

I definitely recommend giving this film a shot. It’s an exciting emulsion with a whole lot to offer any lomographer!

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