Vinyl Havens: Record Store de Nootzaak


When I moved to my present home town of Amersfoort, I was relieved to find a place that caters to my second favorite analogue pleasure: music. I can get my fix in the excellent record store de Nootzaak.

Credits: stratski

The *Nootzaak** has a very true name: it’s a pun on the words noot (Dutch for note) and noodzaak (necessity). And let’s face it: music is a necessity. This shop, located in a beautiful old building in the charming old part of Amersfoort provides in this necessity.

Credits: stratski

They have plenty of CD’s, but as an analogue lover, my favorite part is, of course, the vinyl section. New records, old records, indie-pop, soul, country, dance, they have it all. And if you can’t find the record of your desire in the bins, the friendly people behind the corner are more than willing to order it for you.

Credits: stratski

But the most fun is just going through the “just came in”-bin. Since it’s all mixed up, you go from over-the-top metal sleeves, to fishermen’s choirs, to classic gems. I especially like stumbling upon colored vinyl and other novelty records. My favorite is the Arcade Fire record Neon Bible, which not only has great music on it, but also little books etched into the record. And what do you think of the Snow Patrol record? Let’s see iTunes beat that!

Credits: stratski

I must admit, I’ve downloaded quite some music in the past, but in the end, I always ended up buying the music I love on vinyl. Because it supports the artist, obviously, but also because a real tangible record has the same appeal as a real tangible photo. And de Nootzaak is the perfect place for me to get my fix.

People spilling into the street on Record Store Day.

*I call it Nootzaak, but actually they got taken over by a chain, and are now formally known as VelvetMusic Amersfoort. But we still call it Nootzaak.

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