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2013-03-23 3

With its terrific turquoise hues and rich saturation, Fuji Provia 100 quickly became many a lomographer’s favorite slide film, whether in 35mm or 120 format. We bet it’s still one of your favorites, and we love this film as much as you do — how can you not love this film when it allows you to get some awesome photos, just like the ones you will see after the jump!

Fuji Provia 100 is one of those stunning slide films that you should get to try once in your lomographic career — or, better yet, with every chance you can get! We perfectly understand how this slide film, whether in 35mm or 120 format, has become a favorite among many lomographers out there. When cross-processed, it can surprise you with strong color shifts that are either green-ish or blue-ish; or, it may delight you with a not so prominent color shift, yet the vibrant colors that make your subjects pop are still present.

You might have seen or shot some beautiful Fuji Provia 100 snaps by your fellow lomographers, but still, we would like to show you some of our recent editors’ picks. Prepare to be wowed and inspired!

In 35mm format:

Credits: srmarcus, alko, sobetion, pomps, kylethefrench, modern_nmt, russheath, neddih, chethong, 129, petra-pak, peropero, omegaspence, catshop, yokekei, nic0, lynxalb00, b0rn2b1ush & lakandula

In 120 format:

Credits: warning, dida, sjura, lakandula, patrix, bujidubabi, jennson, itisanormalname, janagitana, bravebird, saviorjosh, adam_g2000, heavenkot, hotaru, qrro, peri5, shiweii, ebolarama & oneredballoon

Fuji Provia 100F 35mm is just the thing when you don’t want to be slapped around the face with saturation but equally don’t fancy understatement in your images. Provia is strong and saturated, but never overdone – even when cross processed. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

Fuji Provia 100F 120 gives you magical colour pops without making all of your pale skin tones look insane. It turns the usual Fuji blue-green-red cream when cross-processed. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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