My Analogue Days: Tiny Steps Towards Analogue in a Digital World

2013-03-28 1

Everything is turning digital. TV broadcasts are digital, I listen to radio from my PC and my photos are on a hard drive instead of photo album. Now, Google is digitizing eyeglasses! We’re heading towards the total digital world, but I’m taking couple of tiny steps to other direction.

I chose film over digital. I started with digital, but got bored and now I’m having fun with film. I develop my films myself, both black & white and color negative. I tried printing my own b&w photos, but I don’t have the time or space to do it anymore. Instead of printing photos and putting them into album, I scan and upload my photos to internet. It’s kind of funny that we need digital world to keep the analogue world alive.

Credits: jutei

I carry my film camera everywhere I go, just like the first rule of Lomography suggests. I kind of have my own lomowalk routine that I do five times a week. First thing in the morning, I take my dog outside as the first part of my daily photowalk. Second part involves walking to my metro station and then leave for work. Third part is going back to home from work. Aside from this weekday routine, I love to take my dog to some new places in weekends, and of course, with a camera hanging on my neck.

The music industry has changed a lot during last decade. You can buy whole albums or individual songs straight to you mobile phone. But I like my music on vinyl. Big cover arts, little snaps and pops, the whole thing is just awesome. I really can’t tell why I like vinyl so much, it just works for me.

Those are the few steps I’m taking off from the digital path. I wish I could take more, but it’s getting harder and harder. Luckily, my analogue-spirited dog is helping me out. He didn’t approve my new digital thermometer, so he broke it and forced me to go back to analogue with that one.

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