The Perfect Combination: My Spinner 360° and Lomography CN 400

2013-05-29 1

My Spinner 360 ° and Lomography Color Negative Film 400 ISO get along very well, so even though this was the first combination I used when I started with Lomography, the photos came out perfect!

Credits: martagra

Back in October of 2011, I went with my college friends to spend the weekend in a country house in Toledo.
My group of college friends is quite large, we are about twenty, sometimes thirty, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to debut my dearest Spinner 360°. The film I used, of course, was the Lomography CN 400. The truth is that this film is “a life insurance,” that’s why they always recommend it to beginners. However, I didn’t expect the results to be as good.

Credits: martagra

I really liked the colors that came out, although it is true that the weather was good throughout the weekend. Moreover, although the type of film is something classic or standard, the Spinner’s photos are always stunning and unlike anything ever seen before, it puts a touch of fun and uniqueness. In fact, when I showed the camera to my friends they freaked out. I asked them to make a circle and started shooting.

Credits: martagra

In short, I think at the moment this is my perfect match. Isn’t it the perfect combination that makes all pictures of a beginner good?

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