Putting Analogue into the Daily Life: Bring Your Camera Everywhere

2013-03-28 1

Read how analogue photography infuses into my everyday life and opens my eyes to my living environment.

Analogue is part and parcel of my life. Sometimes, I don’t take any photographs at all in a day, for days, but for that one precious photograph opportunity that may crop up anytime, I bring my camera everywhere.

My SLR cameras are weighty, but I am an analogue fanatic like that.

I take photographs of the daily happenings in my life. Sometimes people who don’t practice analogue photography give me the funny eye on the street, wondering what it is about what I am taking that could possibly be interesting.

It could be the shoes I am wearing that day or the food on my table, the thin cracks on walls or dried leaves along the road. They are not extraordinary subjects, but strung together, these photographs are powerful memory tools that tell the story of my life. That makes them all the more important.

On weekends, I go trigger-happy. I find places to visit, be it a café, a place of interest or a garden and I set out to photograph them. The places that delight me most are the ones steeped in history.

Because of analogue photography, I have explored and discovered so much about my country.

I load my film pictures into my phone so that I can browse them during pockets of free time. It is my favourite thing to do when travelling on the train or bus. And when I arrive at my destination, I am all ready to photograph something again.

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  1. boredslacker
    boredslacker ·

    Ah yes, I know what you mean... I carry at least 1 camera with me all the time, and there are times I'm rewarded with great scenes from the weather or the surroundings.. What would I have done without the camera to take those pictures? A lot of people say there's nothing in Singapore, but there's plenty around if we just look closely enough!

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