Camera Storage Alternatives: The Lunch Bag

2013-03-29 4

Want to store your camera gear safely but don’t have a dry box or a camera shelf? Don’t worry, the lunch bag has your back! This common item can be found in almost any supermarket or even in your own house. If you’re a frugal Lomographer like me, who doesn’t have money to buy camera shelves, then this tipster is for you!

Do you have a room so small, you can only fit your bed and closet in it? Do you own a dozen cameras and film boxes but you can’t seem to fit a storage box in your room? Or are you a frugal Lomographer like me, who can’t afford room shelves? Do not fret, my friend, because you can use a lunch bag as a camera storage alternative.

This tipster is so simple. Here are the items you will need:
1. Cameras
2. Lunch bag with soft inner lining
3. Any other small camera gear like filters and lens caps
That’s it!

Here is a sample picture of my lunch bag. It would be better if you can find one that has a soft inner lining, so that your cameras would be safe from hard edges. I bought this for around $10 at our local department store. You can find an unused one in your house since you might have had one when you were in elementary school.

I can fit a Spinner 360, 4 other cameras and some small lenses in this lunch bag. Other than that, I can fit this small lunch bag at the bottom of my bed, corner of my room, or on top of the closet. Easy!

Before putting all your gear in, just pop a little pouch of silica gel inside to absorb the moisture and avoid fungus.

This is my most simple alternative for storing my camera gear. What’s yours? If you have other easy alternatives for camera storage, kindly share it to the whole community. :)

Happy Shooting!

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  1. coolbober
    coolbober ·


  2. tinkerhell98
    tinkerhell98 ·

    I am keeping mine in a box under my bed,but I prefer this idea. : )

  3. abangbear
    abangbear ·

    Don't forget to insert some silica gel packets to prevent fungus growing in the lens.

  4. segata
    segata ·

    I hang mine in a wardrobe or have them sat ontop of an old radio in there, I do however plan to re- work my displays soon and set up my smaller cameras within them, particularly my 60's cartridge cameras with my 1962 Philips radio

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