Six Flags Great Adventure


Great park for east coasters and great roller coasters.

I live in Pennsylvania so I live close to Six Flags Great Adventure. Many people from New Jersey and New York go too. I recently got over my fear of roller coasters so a few times over the summer my friends and I went there. I brought my LC-A+ and shot away. I love photos of rides and amusements so I really loved it. Six Flags GA has some of the best coasters, including Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest roller coaster at over 450 feet. I think some other coaster in Germany is faster, but Kingda Ka goes 128 miles per hour. I have a few pictures of it in the gallery above. The park has some interesting buildings and decorations so those are good to photograph. I used five year old Kodak Ektachrome and Agfa Vista. I love all my shots, but my xpro’d shots are my favorites. They really made the colors pop.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    You're right, these expired xpros came out great !

  2. shutterchick
    shutterchick ·

    Lomographer, ShutterChick, Was Here!

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