My Analogue Days: Exploring The Neighborhood


I’ve lived in this neighborhood for almost a year now and I still find so many wonderful new details every time I go for a walk with my camera.

Home is where we return to everyday. We walk the same streets, turn the same curves, hear the same traffic every single day. We believe we know all the details of the place we live in. We might even believe that there is nothing interesting in the details to know, really. It’s the same things day after day; rinse and repeat.

I used to think that repetition is boring until I picked up film photography.

Your eyes start to open and so does your heart. Somewhere as monotonous as your neighborhood can become a playground of discovery. Your neighbor’s favorite flowers or the time of day the old lady likes to come out and sit on her dusty, rattan chair. The shadows on your neighbor’s windows as the sun sets or the number of stray cats that live in the small alleyways. There are so many things to discover if you walk a little slower with your camera in hand.

written by duringmyheyday on 2013-03-23 #lifestyle #analog #film #neighborhood #35mm #lomography #lomo-lc-a #exploring #analogue-lifestyle #requested-post #my-analogue-days

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