Spring Reuse of Film Canisters

2013-03-28 2

Spring is coming, although, it might not be so visible right now. When I look out of my window, there is still bit of snow on roofs and roads, so I decided to bring Spring closer to me by myself.

Winter should be already over (at least I want it that way) and I know a little trick how to bring spring and its “green-ness” closer to you and your working desk.

So want do you need?
1. some film canisters (like those on pictures – I used them because they allow a bit more light to get inside)
2. cress seeds
3. cotton wool or napkin
4. water
5. and good memory (to water the seeds every day).

Fold the napkin or cotton wool carefully to fit inside the canister (it should be a bit thicker (around 2 cm)) and then put it inside the film canister. Water it generously, but do not allow to go there more water then the cotton wool or napkin are able to soak.
Then spread some seeds (15-20 of them) on the wet cotton and put your film canisters on warmer place with good light.

this is how they started to grow :)

Now, all you need to do is to wait and water your seeds carefully every day. You will see the results of your green fingers very soon. Mine were showing signs of life after less then 12 hours.

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