Doubles with Flowers: Lomo LC-A and Diana Mini

2013-03-25 1

Who doesn’t love flowers? They’re one of the most beautiful things nature has to offer! So, how can we not take pictures of all of them?

It is said that the simplest things in life are the most beautiful, and in this precise case it is so true! The first thing to keep in mind is, the closer you get to your selection of flowers, the prettier the double exposure will look. This also comes in very handy when making doubles with a lomofriend.

I’ll leave you with my experience with my 2 favorite cameras.

Diana Mini:

1. Find pretty flowers.
2. Set on sunny.
3. Take picture of pretty flowers.


4. Find another great subject to photograph.
5. Keep it on sunny setting
6. Shoot again.

You’re done!

Credits: litumai

Amazing results on the way. Just a few considerations that I had to learn the hard way: do not use flash if taking doubles with flowers. Always set the camera to sunny (even if you are on a cloudy day, this way you will prevent the film from “burning” too much, and will allow the film to save some “memory” for the next overlapping shot).

Lomo LC-A:

1. Set the ISO one step higher than the ISO on the film you are about to use: e.g. If using ISO 100, set it to 200.
2. Find pretty flowers.
3. Shoot!


4. Pull the MX lever
5. Find another great target for your lense
6. Shoot again!

Credits: litumai

I still haven’t had any trouble when taking doubles with this camera, it is simply perfect!

Credits: litumai

If you have some of your own you would like to share, upload them in this collection: Doubles with flowers.

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