34 Years Expired Instant Film Used to Photograph a 34-Year-Old Actress


When a fine art and portrait photographer in Belgium got his hands on a box of large-format instant film that has been expired for 34 years, he decided to use it to take a portrait of a subject who was as old as the film. We know you’re curious to find out how the encounter went, so go ahead and read on!

Edouard Janssens, a fine art and portrait photographer who hails from Belgium, recently made a decision to start using large-format instant film to take art portraits with an “eerie” feel. To achieve this, he needed to get his hands on some pricey equipment: a Deardorff V8 8×10 mahogany camera, Goerz Dagor Gold Rim 305mm f/6.8 lens, and a rare Polaroid Land Processor to process the instant photos with.

The camera + lens setup.

Along with the Polaroid processor, the store clerk threw in a box of 8×10 Polaroid Instant film that expired in October 1978, as a collector’s gift. An idea came to him:

“… it just hit me. Why not try to produce an image out of this way outdated box and base my next photography project on it? … Someone born in October 1978 appeared to me as a logical choice. If it worked it would be the encounter of something considered dead 34 years ago with someone born at that precise time. A wonderful potential encounter.”

The film. Photo via PetaPixel

So, he took a gamble and loaded the film despite being unsure if the film will still render anything. For his subject, he chose a French-Russian actress who was born in the same month and year of the film’s expiry date. The video below details what happened before, during, and after the interesting encounter:

Janssens has provided more information about his project, the camera, and his model, Liina Brunelle, over at Expired Instants.

All information for this article were sourced from PetaPixel and Expired Instants

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