Analogue Day Activity: Read the Newspaper

2013-04-05 1

There are times when we get so caught up in our lives, that we tend to be unaware on what has been happening on the outside world. So why not spend a morning on the breakfast table with a copy of today’s daily in front of you?

Yes, a lot of newspapers and publications already have their online counterparts, but the traditional printed medium has a valid advantage over the latter: it is less prone to distraction.

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The speed of information sharing and interactivity in online resources are factors that contribute to the short attention span that most people have acquired over the years. Knowing that there’s another tab, another page of information, waiting for us has conditioned our minds to just skim the selected write-up and pick up the whole gist from the context clues that stand out. In some cases, the hosting site has already done the skimming and summarizing for you.

On the other hand, the actual printed publication does not give us such luxuries. Write-ups undergo stricter editorial guidelines, and therefore, the published material contains more indepth material and substance. In turn, we are more likely to take our sweet time in reading and understanding the things written. This also allows us to take in all the headlines (not just selected ones) and choose which ones are worth the read.

How do you make your life a little bit more analogue with each day’s passing? Aside from these Analogue Day Activities we’ve been sharing, why don’t you inspire your fellow lomographers as we inch closer to the worldwide Film Photography Day celebrations and share with us your own stories? Remember, you can also schedule your own meet-ups for the big event, show your analogue life through an awesome video, and profess your love for all things analogue with some of your best snaps!

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  1. mylatehope
    mylatehope ·

    I couldn't agree more! And not just because I work at a newspaper and my paycheck depends on people reading it ;-)

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