Crazy Overlapped Photos With Your LC-Wide!

2013-03-28 2

If you want some really interesting and cool results, try this little trick on your LC-Wide!

One day, when I went out with my friend to take some photos, I thought I might try something demented with the LC-Wide to get some overlapped, multiple exposed, crazy, colourful Lomographs!

I slammed in a roll of my stock standard Fujicolour 200 ASA, set the switch to half frame gearing, BUT I opened the lens cover right open to let in all of the wide angled goodness all over the frame, without inserting the half frame mask! So every time I took a photo, it would wind ONLY half way to overlap another photo over half of the previous one! Not one bit of film was unexposed on the roll!

The roll lasted me right into that weekend’s party with some new friends I made! A perfect way to capture the crazy vibes from my night!

I highly recommend you try this at some point if you own a wide angled wonder. And always remember to let your friendly photo lab staff know what you have done, so they don’t think they have messed something up! There is the chance you may have to take the negatives back to be re-scanned to get the photo you were after, as this trick can sometimes confuse their scanning machines a bit, and not scan EXACTLY where you wanted it to be! But even letting that happen still gives you some cool and unexpected results!

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    you've got some crazy photos there @lomoseb32. cool.

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