A Meeting with Nature: Blooming Flowers Close-Up


Spring is here! Take your camera and go out! Gorgeous models are waiting for you to capture their beauty, so don’t be afraid and get closer to these beautiful creatures!

March has begun, and not only the cold weather is slowly disappearing, and the earth is starting to feel warm again. Nothing makes me happier than saying goodbye to winter, and that is why I have decided to take my best pal, La Sardina Metal Edition – Beluga, and go out to welcome the spring and celebrate it with a new bunch of photographs.

Photographing flowers may look easy, but it takes a great effort to get a beautiful picture. I learned a lot of things, but the most important was to keep ALWAYS your eyes open. And by open I do not mean the physical activity it requires, but to OBSERVE. You really can’t imagine what you’re missing, and one of those things can be something like a butterfly, or two bees wrestling. Yes, spring not only means flowers, it also means BUGS! Be creative and patient, keep your eyes wide open and look down, get closer and shoot!

It is very important that you take the most suitable camera to get focused pictures. I thought that my La Sardina would be able to do this, but it may not be the best for macro photography. But on the other hand, I got a beautiful blur that made look my pictures delicate. The film that I used was an expired Kodak VR 400, which gave the pictures beautiful soft tones. Despite of the blur, I loved the results, I took a risk by getting closer, I wanted to capture the secret life of flowers, and in a very unusual way, I think a kind of got it. What do you think?

Flowers in full bloom can bring us many opportunities to get lovely colours, unexpected meetings with bugs, but overall, it gives us a new way to see things. So don’t be afraid to get closer to the sea of flowers out there, look for new angles and be careful, you may not want to be attacked by bees.

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