Vinyl Havens: Repressed Records, Newtown

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Part 2 of 4 in a Vinyl Havens series that explores the record stores of Inner West Sydney. The next stop: Repressed Records!

I’ve spent all 10 years of that I’ve been in Australia living in Newtown, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else (except maybe Erskineville or Annandale, where I could still walk to King St). And in all those years, Repressed Records has been a constant in the area.

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Repressed Records is located in 413 King St., Newtown, Australia. Started 10 years ago (in a location across the road from where they are now), Repressed has always been proudly supportive of independent labels, such as RIP Society, Negative Guest List and Bedroom Suck Records.

Credits: lokified
Credits: lokified

Looking in from the outside, you’d think they catered only to the punk scene, but you’d be wrong. Though they DO have an awesome and comprehensive Punk section…

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…they sell a wide variety of CDs and records, both second-hand and new. I myself have purchased everything from The Jam and the Velvet Underground to Frank Zappa and Blonde Redhead. If there’s anything they don’t have, the staff can order it in for you.

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Their single racks have also been a source of treasure for me in the past. At $5 – 7 per, I can afford to take a punt on things like the Go-Devils (an amazing analogue-only, Japanese girl-rock group from the early 90s) to Sonic Chicken 4 (a surf-garage combo whose single was a pearlescent purple). They aren’t all gems, but the ones that are make up for the duds.

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The shop also has a huge range of posters and t-shirts, and you even custom-print them if you want (there’s a shirt with a Fed-2 on it that I’m buying if it’s in my size).

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If you’re in the neighbourhood, definitely swing by this Newtown Institution and pick up something new!

Some information sourced from the Repressed Records website.

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    AUSD 5 vinyl? Delectable =9

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