The Holiday Piggy Booster! Shop And Get Piggy Points Refund!

聖誕時段亦是送禮佳期,還有很多禮物未買嗎?不要緊張,讓你的 Piggy 小幫手幫幫你吧!在12月8號前購買任何產品便會得到 Piggy Point 回贈,在下次購物享用。準備好了嗎?繼續讀下去吧!

聖誕時段亦是送禮佳期,還有很多禮物未買嗎?不要緊張,讓你的 Piggy 小幫手幫幫你吧!在12月8號前購買任何產品便會得到 Piggy Point 回贈,在下次購物享用。準備好了嗎?繼續讀下去吧!

The Holidays mean some serious gift giving, and knowing that you have a long list of loved ones to give presents to. Never fear, enjoy shopping with the helps from our Piggy friends. Place your order before 8 December and enjoy a Piggy refund for your next orders! Ready? Read on and learn how!

購買任何產品 / Every order = 10% 回贈 Refund!

Diana Mini
HK$470 = 47 Piggy Refund
[購買 / Buy now]

Colorsplash Camera Chakra
HK$660 = 66 Piggy Refund
[購買 / Buy now]

Lomo LC-A+
HK$1980 = 198 Piggy Refund
[購買 / Buy now]

Lubitel 166+
HK$2730 = 273 Piggy Refund
[購買 / Buy now]

Diana F+ With Flash
HK$740 = 74 Piggy Refund
[購買 / Buy now]

Diana F+ Deluxe Kit
HK$2000 = 200 Piggy Refund
[購買 / Buy now]

購買高於$3000 / Orders over $3000 = 15% Piggy 回贈 refund!

還要買很多禮物嗎?一次過買回來吧!購買多於 $3000 你便會得到 15% 的 Piggy Point refund,比 10% 更多的回贈!

Got a long list of presents? Group them up and get an even sweeter piggy refund! Shop over $3000 to get 15% refund instead of 10%!

Horizon Perfekt
HK$3900 = 585 Piggy Refund
[購買 / Buy now]

LC-A+ Wide-Angle Package
HK$3400 = 510 Piggy Refund
[購買 / Buy now]

LC-A+ Traveler Package
HK$3050 = 458 Piggy Refund
[購買 / Buy now]

適用於12月8號前 / Valid Before 8 December 2009

剛加入 Lomography?還未有 Piggy 嗎?不要擔心,我們已經存了 50個 Piggy 到所有在上一次 Piggy Giveaway 後加入的新成員。噢,還有啊,在12月25前加入的新成員會一律得到 50個 Piggy!快把這好消息傳出去吧,把你的朋友都帶到 Lomography Asia 的 analogue 世界吧!

New to Lomography? No piggy in your bank yet? Don’t panic! We already deposited 50 fresh tasty piggy to every user registered after the last piggy giveaway! Every new registered user will also receive 50 new piggy as a thank you from Lomography, only before 25 Dec 2009! So spread the news! Convert all your friends to our Lomography Asia community!

[甚麼是 / What is Piggy Point?]
[瀏覽 / Visit Lomography Asia Online Shop]

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