LC-A+ RL - RL stands for Real Love!

2013-04-03 2

It has the same fun size, light weight, awesome features, super easy focus zones, and vintage look as the LC-A+ BUT! with the amazing original Russian Lens.

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For sure the LC-A+ is one of the most wanted cameras in the Lomo Shop, but for just a few more bucks you can upgrade your purchase and be a little closer to the original LC-A that started everything, and still enjoy all the new features like the MX (Multiple Exposure) switch, the new ISO configuration, 100-200-400-800-1600, and so on.

The Minitar 1, the core of the LC-A+ RL, its a wide 32mm lens with a great aperture of 2.8 with allows you to shoot sharp pics even in low light conditions and get more contrast and more vignetted photos and that’s one of the things I like the most, the intense black corner

Credits: qrro

One of the greatest features of the camera is the possibility to make double exposures or MX. You just have to set the ISO dial at 200 if you are using a 100ISO film, for example. Then shoot the first scene and use the “MX” switch at the bottom of the camera and shoot again. – remember to set the dial at 100ISO after -

Credits: qrro

Another great thing about the LC-A+ RL is the many accessories you can play with. Like the Splitzer, the wide angle lens, the tunnel vision lens, which can be use as a macro lens also, and the Krab if you wanna go underwater :)

Credits: qrro

I would like to emphasize about some aspects of the LC-A+ RL. First of all its size and its weight, its small and light enough to really carry the camera everywhere you go and don’t miss any moment of your life!. Another great thing is the lightmeter, which assures that you will get a well exposed photo, almost no matter what, and it makes the LC-A+ RL a great camera for film swaps. And lastly, the look of the camera will make you stand out of the crowd. Its vintage look its absolutely amazing, and will make everyone fall in love immediately.

Fall in love you too and get one of this babes and remember to take it everywhere you go.

Credits: qrro

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