My Analogue Days: Giving a Fun Twist to My Analogue Life


Analogue has become such a huge part of me for almost 2 years now. However, working has taken most of my time that I sometimes find myself missing lomowalks and shooting analogue. But I am thankful enough to have a few close friends who are into analogue to keep the passion going.

I have several ways of keeping my analogue days alive. One the ways is by organizing lomowalks with my friends. Lomowalking in the city can be quite fun especially with strangers/passerby looking curiously at your camera. Through Lomowalks, I actually get to ‘feel’ the city more and be more observant. Lomowalking be it with a group of your close friends or the newly made ones will always give fresh twist to your analogue days.

I enjoy board games, good food with the company of good friends and I would not miss the opportunity to bring my analogue cameras together when I am hanging out. Plus, you can never deny the delight and excitement that analogue cameras can bring to your friends when you whipped them out of your bag. I love to bring my Fisheye No. 2 Voyager especially when I am out for drinks or there were celebrations.

Bringing my cameras when I am traveling is a must. My favorite and must bring camera when I am traveling will be my La Sardina. The wide angle just gives the picture a boarder perspective and it is always easier to get good shots with La Sardina.

Traveling comes with a heavy cost therefore another alternative way that I often took was to organize a one day outing or road trip which will cost lesser yet gives a fun twist to my shots from my analogue cameras. Normally, I would hit the beach or organize for a mini escapade from the city or road trip to the neighboring state.

So how do you especially working people out there keep your analogue days alive? Would love to hear all about it from you guys!

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