Extra LomoChrome Purple 35mm Now Available For Pre-Order


Recently we announced that we’ve begun the production of an exciting new color negative film that reproduces the stunning effects of color infrared film – Lomochrome Purple 400 ISO. We were blown away by the response when the original stock of 35mm film sold out in just two days! Well, after some hard work, we’ve now managed to secure some extra rolls of the 35mm film. Read on for details on how to pre-order yours!

Additional 35mm LomoChrome Purple Now Available For Pre-Order

That’s right guys and gals, we have some extra rolls of this fantastic new emulsion available for pre-order! We originally managed to secure an extra 3500 rolls of 35mm and informed our special LomoChrome fans about the news in a ‘secret’ mail on Monday. Since then we already sold over 2000 of the additional rolls and wanted to let the rest of you guys in the community hear the news for a chance to also secure some rolls for pre-order. Delivery is guaranteed in July 2013 for most countries**. If you have any questions about LomoChrome Purple or the pre-order process, please read our LomoChrome FAQ article.

LomoChrome Purple 35mm 5 Pack – Pre-Order
LomoChrome Purple 35mm 10 Pack – Pre-Order
LomoChrome Purple 35mm 15 Pack – Pre-Order

A Limited Number Of Lomohrome Purple 120 Still Available

If you are craving some medium format LomoChrome Purple 400, we also still have very limited quantities of LomoChrome Purple 120 available for pre-order in the Online Shop (also with a July 2013 delivery date). Don’t miss out on your chance to secure one of the first rolls in production!

LomoChrome Purple 120 5 Pack – Pre-Order
LomoChrome Purple 120 10 Pack – Pre-Order
LomoChrome Purple 120 15 Pack – Pre-Order

**Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee delivery in July 2013 for customers in Brazil and Russia.

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