How to Organize Your Negatives

2013-03-25 1

A simple cheap way to organize our negatives and keep them handy.

When you begin with analogue photography, one of the first problems that show up is where to keep your negatives. I was afraid to lose them because I am very messy, but finally, I found out a solution saving them in a photo album.

It’s the typical album with plastic folders for standard sized photos (10×15 cm), which include a space to insert labels. Normally, I ask for the negatives to be uncut. Hence, once I scan them, in 8 frames strips, I can cut them and keep them in 4 frame strips using the 15 cm sized plastic folder. In each folder, I recommend to put 2 strips of 4 photos each. Speaking of panoramics, if shooting with a Sprocket Rocket or with the Horizon, you can certainly put 2 consecutive photos.

Using the labels, I write down every relevant information: camera, film , roll number used in that camera, date and keywords related.

On the other hand, I have a colour system for each camera. Using it, I accentuate the roll number used and the information it holds. It makes visual searching easier, and they are chronologically ordered.

The roll number thing is something I use in order to keep count on my films: new films, on camera and developed ones. I also have a notebook where I register and write down every detail about analogue photography: cameras, films, scanning and developing,

List with my cameras and their films since 2010 until now.

This is a fairly cheap way to organize 35 mm negatives. I bought this album in Tiger store for EUR 3€ and you can use them for 25-30 standard and panoramic films in average.

Disadvantages: Perhaps, it’s unconvenient to cut out the negatives, because maybe one day you would want a paper copy of them. You can always use a digital copy. Also, it’s kind of difficult when you are searching for a photo just with the keywords, and you have to take the negative away to see it. You should always use gloves!

I have not forgotten the 120 films, nor the maxi-panoramics of the Spinner. For their filing, I used this great tipster by merelgroebbe sewing plastic folders in A4 format and saving them in a three-ring binder, following the same identification system.

And you, what’s your system?

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