Olympus Mju II: A Gentle PnS Camera

2013-04-03 2

Besides the elderly LCA+, the other regular resident in my bag is the Olympus Mju, which I bought on impulse while traveling, it’s now involved in every moment of my life!

Mju II is one of the rare cameras that I fell in love at first touch. It started when my friend dug out his dad’s Mju II from the cabinet, I immediately “borrowed” it as I had seen its rave reviews online. But due to its advanced age, the rewind mechanism went kaput after I had shot less than 5 rolls.

Credits: kuo-kwi

I once again owned a Mju II when I accidentally came across a good condition and reasonably priced Mju II during a summer holiday! There are many reasons I like it, it is lightweight and compact, easy to operate and has good feel when held, large aperture and has a built in flash, panoramic mode and most importantly, the photos have a touching quality.

Credits: kuo-kwi

Photos taken with Mju II are full of warmth but sharp, or perhaps I can describe it as having a Japanese style? Regardless, the images are filled with various shades of warmth and coolness. In fact, seemingly simple and old point and shoot cameras like the Mju II can produce extraordinary photos, could this be the primitive feeling contained in these vintage items?

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  1. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    Love the mju line of cameras. I broke my first one and immediately wanted to replace it. Now I have 5 of them, thanks to GAS lol

  2. plyshbel
    plyshbel ·

    Nice review! I have 2 Mju II too:)

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