Fancy Feasts in Film


Let’s face it: one of the things that get us all excited with parties, events, and celebrations is food. If the thought of those delicious, delectable, and delightful dishes before you is making you salivate, allow us to heighten your craving with some appetizing snaps from some of our community members!

Mouth-watering food never goes missing in any party, gathering, or celebration, which is why it occupies a huge chunk in any party preparations. If you’re planning to throw a party for your analogue-loving friends this coming Film Photography Day, we’re here to your rescue — by inspiring you with drool-worthy snaps of food you can cook, buy, and serve for your party! We carefully curated the photos for the gallery below to make sure you get ideas for appetizers, main course, and desserts, so if you’re ready, let’s dig into the fancy feast!

Credits: jbeischer, natalieerachel, neja, u-t-e, headonthegrass, tomkiddo, falsedigital, plasticpopsicle, kneehigh85, herbert-4, panelomo, cruesi, mayprodrigo, r0sie & arigatomrrobato

Speaking of parties, remember to mark your calendars for the worldwide shutter-clickin’ event that’s set to happen on April 12 — we’re going to celebrate Film Photography Day! To find out which parties and meet-ups are scheduled to happen in your area, check out this link!

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