Let's Toast and Drink to That!


Are you in the mood to party? We bet you will be in the mood to eat, drink and be merry once you flip through the photos you will find after the jump! So, if you’re ready, let’s drink and toast to all things worth celebrating!

While you’re still finalizing your ultimate party checklist, you might want to go out with your friends tonight to relax and unwind. While you’re there, go ahead and draw inspiration for the signature drinks you can probably whip up for your own parties. Don’t forget to bring your favorite lomography cameras with you, along with flash, ISO 400 films, and maybe some filters too! We could all use a night with good friends, good drinks, and good vibes to recharge our batteries…or simply to make a toast for all those things in life worth celebrating!

So, dear friends and party animals, whatever it is you’re in a merry mood for, let’s all drink to that!

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Speaking of parties, remember to mark your calendars for the worldwide shutter-clickin’ event that’s set to happen on April 12 — we’re going to celebrate Film Photography Day! To find out which parties and meet-ups are scheduled to happen in your area, check out this link!

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