Upcoming Film Series Set to Make 'A Salute to Analog'


In his upcoming film series, a graphic designer seeks to tell the stories of people whose creative passions and pursuits remain fueled by all things analogue amidst the digital world. Find out more about this intriguing project of Daniel Groner after the jump!

Much of the world has undoubtedly gone digital, but if you look closer, you can still find analogue thriving in all things big and small: in your favorite bookstore with the sweet smell of paper, the tiny space selling vinyl records both old and new, the artist who shows up by the park every weekend to offer sketched portraits, the street artist who spots the next wall to serve as his canvas, and even in an antique shop that still uses a working old-school cash register.

Then, there’s you and me — we answer to different names, “lomographer” and “film photographer” to name a few, but we share an immense love, fascination, and craving for analogue photography and the lifestyle that comes with it.

This reality, this fact that many still live, breathe, and work on analogue is the subject of an upcoming documentary film by Nuremberg-based graphic designer Daniel Groner. More than just a nod and aptly entitled “A Salute To Analog,” the film series seeks to explore, “display, and document people’s motivation to work on an analog basis in a digitalized world.”

Aside from the ongoing Analogue Day Activity articles here in the Magazine, here’s the trailer for “A Salute To Analog” to fan the flames of your analogue love and make it burn even brighter:

Find out more about Daniel Groner and his upcoming film series by visiting his website and A Salute To Analog on Facebook.

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