Solo Lomowalk: Padalarang-Gadobangkong-Cimahi Railway in Indonesia


Taking a walk for more than one kilometer, aside from searching for great objects to photograph, is also great for health and the heart.

Quite bored with my usual route for solo lomowalk in my hometown in Bandung, Indonesia, I try to do a solo lomowalk at Padalarang, a suburb near Cimahi, the other suburb near Bandung.

I rode the Patas AC class train to go there and only paid Rp 10, 000 ($1) for the ticket. After arriving at Stasiun Padalarang for the first time, I was really interested in the giant pile of railway stone beside the station. It’s very high and a slippery curved pile to climb. If I wasn’t careful, I could fall down with terrible injury, and of course I was also worried about my Horizon Perfekt camera.

But, a lot of little kids played along this pile too. I learned a lot from them about how to balance my body when walking here.

Outside the station is the market that makes the traffic very worse. The motorcycles going against the traffic are very snap-able to shoot with my La Sardina camera.

Credits: hervinsyah

This masked rider family of masks brought back my sweet childhood memories from the 90s. Oh, I love this town!

I went back to the ticket booth to ask about the next train going back to Bandung. It won’t be until three hours later, so I decide to take a walk from Padalarang to Bandung. It wasn’t so far actually, because there are two people who have taken a walk from Bandung to Jakarta.

After taking a one-hour walk, I saw this cute little station below the bridge.

Then, I decided to go down and saw that it’s Gadobangkong station. It’s perfect for movie sets, I think.

When the train had left, I decided to take a walk beside the railway to go to the next suburb, Cimahi. But it’s not like the other railways such as in Bandung, that are full of houses and little children playing around. At Gadobangkong until Cimahi, it’s very frightening; I was like in a ghost town even though it was only 12 o’clock noon.

Finally, I arrived at Cimahi, the nearest suburb to Bandung, and decided to take a public transportation home because was I was very tired.

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