Don't Finger Your Photos

2013-03-25 4

I bet this is common mistake among Lomographers. It often happens when you use point and shoot cameras.

Beware of your precious finger. It will ruin your photos. As for my own experience, I’ve used several Point & Shoot Cameras but this camera that I want to talk about is very tricky. It is the Vivitar J201 and this small camera has a 28mm lens and a built in flash. It does not requires batteries for the shutter mechanism, but the flash only needs 1 AA battery. It’s quite light and easy to use. I think this camera was Vivitar UWS’s brother… Haha!

I only used this camera once because at first I lost it and few weeks ago, I managed to find it and started shooting again. First when I used it, I told my mom that I feel embarrassed to go in front of a march to take a picture due to the looks of the camera and that “it uses film”. At that time I was 14 years old and most of my community already uses a variety of digital cameras. Film photography was not well known that time. Maybe it was because of the ferocious evolution of technology that affected me too. Back to the main topic, I shot with it and when I got the results of that shot, I was scolded by my parents because of the hideous pictures that have slight look of my finger in each photo. WHAT A NIGHTMARE !!! Here some shots of it:

So, please don’t make the same mistake. Make sure your finger won’t block your lens. Be cautious when using any point & shoot camera. For SLR or RF, you don’t have to worry about it. If that happens, Cut that finger!!!. Just kidding. Thank you.

written by caribe93 on 2013-03-25 #gear #tutorials #quickie-tipster #vivitar-j201 #finger #tipster #camera #block


  1. segata
    segata ·

    I've made this mistake so many times before too, I really struggle with smaller cameras as I've got big hands.

  2. caribe93
    caribe93 ·

    we r in the same boat...

  3. boredslacker
    boredslacker ·

    I just did this with the first time on my 110 camera, because it was so small and my fingers so big! Wish I had read your tipster first!

  4. caribe93
    caribe93 ·

    Don't cry over spilt milk.. Hehe.

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