My Analogue Days: Super Solo Photo Walks

2013-03-15 2

Staying at home could be comforting, relaxing and maybe boring. Going outside and saying hello to the sun seems like a great activity for every lomographer out there. Doing photo walks on my own is a quiet activity that I do often since I began in 2007, whether in my hometown Bandung or doing it during my travels. I often do photo walks, but going solo for photo walks? No problem! My analogue days are filled with super solo photo walks for years!

Solo Photo Walk!

Going out for a solo photo walk means that I have to prepare things before I go out. I make sure my cameras are ready to shoot and loaded with films, that’s the essential part! I do bring extra films in case if I need more films while doing the solo photo walk.

I must shoot these during a solo photo walk!

Here’s a couple of Solo Photo Walks that I remember the most:

In India:


Even in India I got my beard and mustache cut by Udaipur’s finest barber, Maheesh!

Maheesh’s Barber Shop

In Bali:


In Bandung:

Home before Photo Walk!
During Photo Walk!

Sometimes, when I have time, I continue my never-ending project called “We’re Gonna Hit The Streets!” This project emphasizes how people live, walk, and breathe the streets of Bandung, I have about 13 albums for this project and still don’t know where I can take this project to. It could be a book or maybe an exhibition. We’ll find out in the near future!

Credits: adi_totp

Solo photo walks also give me the chance to shoot for doubles. Doubles or film swap or anything you want to call it, it’s very addictive for crazy lomographers. One lomographer who does film swap eventually won’t get enough to do film swaps again and again, that happened to me and I think it happened to many lomographers out there, cheers to that! In my humble opinion, solo photo walks is the perfect time to really shoot everything for your doubles especially if you want to capture the streets of your town. Don’t forget to smile at people that you met in the streets, you’ll get surprise if you do that! So put that beautiful smile of yours!

Doubles from the streets!

Strangers I’ve met during my solo photo walks so far; I hope to meet thousands more in the future.

Hello Stranger!

I really couldn’t forget these guys I met in Jaipur! It’s the kind of moment that made me keep going for a solo photo walk until now.


I love every minute of my analogue days spent doing Solo Photo Walks! These days I always go out and shoot, sometimes solo, but recently, I went to an outing with Bandung lomographers. However, I have no plans yet to do Solo Photo Walks abroad. I have Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia in my mind or maybe Hong Kong. I leave it to the universe and let the universe choose for me.

Here some wise words from the street:

Credits: adi_totp

Yes! I couldn’t resist doing solo photo walks!

Lomo on!

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    begini toh ya kl setiap foto punya pencitraan sendiri banget. :P

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @istionojr hahahha iya sih.. ini beneran dari hunting sendirian :D

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