Lighthouse on the Hill

2013-03-26 1

Story about my first analogue camera Zenit TTL. And first pictures from beautiful place Dyrhólaey.

Spring of two thousand and twelve. Late March.

My friend Kristina is a girl in love with cameras. She let me understand that old film can be alive again.

I went on the trip with her to wonderful locations in the South of Iceland. I had a possibility to try one of her “million” cameras.

The first treasure that I tried was an old Russian analogue camera – Zenit TTL. How does it work? How to put film in it? How to take a picture? It was my first try in discovering the uniqueness of film. I’m lucky that my friend has taught me how to tame the camera.

In the beginning of the trip, we stopped by one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Iceland. It’s called Seljalandsfoss. People are saying that that’s the place where your wishes can come true. You just need to go behind it and think about you dream. Guys, it really works!

Other wonder of Iceland in our road trip was Skógarfoss. A waterfall that makes you feel a little like an elf. It is a place where many tourists spend their bright summer nights in tents, listening of the water beautifully cascading from the top. While looking at the height waterfall, I took a picture of my friends husband capturing the moment.

Driving on the way to Vík, we stopped by the black sand beach. It was with reason. Kristina heard from one guy that in that beach, you can find home of the ghosts. Wrecks of American plane. Not many people knows about it, only few. It was wonderful experience to visit that place, because you are surrounded by black sand hills and grey sky. At one moment I felt like on the other planet. And that sound of the overfilled waves.

And finally my favorite mysterious place in Iceland: a hill with the Dýrhólaey lighthouse. A magnificent view that opened up before my eyes.

Shadow light in the ocean, with a little bit of peach and light purple color clouds far away in the skyline. I couldn’t believe that my eyes can see that majestic moment. Feel that I’m in Iceland.

I’m happy because, I had a chance to capture the moments. And I’ve captured it with analogue camera – Zenit TTL.

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    I love this place so much <3

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