Reviews on Rewind: Fuji Velvia


Craving for a cross-processed adventure? Take a look at these Reviews on Rewind and see why the versatile and varicolored Fuji Velvia slide film is the favourite reversal emulsion of many Lomographers!

Fuji Velvia is famous for its warm reds, high-contrast color shifts, and superb saturation, so it’s no wonder everyone wants to get their hands on some rolls! The fact that it’s available in both 35mm and 120 formats makes it a favourite choice of many film photographers and the results and reviews are pretty consistent across the board: Lomographers love Velvia!

*Fuji Velvia 100 - A Film for Dreamers!* by muddymire

Fuji Velvia 100, a 35mm slide film first produced in 2005, is unarguably one of the most popular films amongst budding analog photographers today. And quite rightly so — when used in the right conditions with the right camera, the film produces stunning images unparalleled by any other.

*Fuji Velvia 100 RVP (120): The Untamed Beast* by shmarmy

Of all the slide films in the lomography universe, Fuji Velvia 100 RVP is probably one of the most crazy, unpredictable, and wild when cross-processed. You’ve probably seen at some point the fantastic saturation, the pinky purple, red and orange hues that this film gives, among other unpredictable and fierce colour shifts.

*Velvia Goodness!* by ethermoon

The Fuji Velvia, with its low iso sensitivity, has some special powers (I think) that produces different contrasts shot after shot. We all know the 100 iso is for red, magenta and pink, the Sensia for its green/yellow combination, and others, but this one is fantastically interesting. I was expecting a Fuji slide film outcome, but here’s what I got. Blue, green and yellow hues. Shooting it day and night makes the film feel very special and beautiful.

*Fuji Velvia 50 35mm Color Slide: A Beginner's (Very) Non-Technical Review* by joefrank

Overall, I highly recommend this film. It’s fairly affordable, and worth every penny. Get some today and enjoy what that extra green boost does to all these beautiful fall colors!

*First Impressions: Velvety Velvia 100F* by denisesanjose

Imagine my delight when I got the roll back from the lab and saw how rich the colours in my photos were! From plush purples to rad reds, the images boast of strong contrasts as well as smooth tones.

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Fuji Velvia is world-famous as the most saturated slide film that you can buy. Shoot this on a bright day and develop it normally, and the results will knock you head over arse. When crossed-processed, it gives you that wild Fuji green-blue colour shift that we absolutely love. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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  1. denisesanjose
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    Rave reviews by @muddymire @shmarmy @ethermoon @joefrank!

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    arf-nrhkm ·

    How about Velvia that underwent Normal processing with E6 Chemicals! (: -…

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    unreality ·

    just got two rolls today, never tried this film before!

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