My Analogue Days: Living Lomo’s Rule #1 - Take your camera everywhere you go


Choosing to stick with analogue photography is a conscious decision of mine. Chances are, I have a film camera with me even for a short trip to the shops just in case I stumble onto something interesting – which I did.

One day, I was heading to the shops to do some grocery shopping when I came across a mini-job fair. Initially, I thought nothing of it as I was not their target market.

Then, I stopped and took a good look at the programme for the day.

And I saw a great photo opportunity. As I knew I could spare 20 minutes, I decided to use this event to my advantage. I wanted to know if I could get by using the Olympus Trip 35’s 40mm lens in such an environment.

So, the first thing I did was to get a bird’s eye view of the set-up. I wanted to know where the action would be.

Once I saw where the action was, I headed over there. It was a skills demonstration by a pastry chef. My first thoughts were, “Would people be distracted by me photographing the demonstration?”

But the thought was quickly replaced with, “How can I blend into the crowd and photograph the demonstration without being an obstruction or distraction?” bearing in mind that the camera I had with me was the Olympus Trip 35 and its retro design can attract some attention too. But my concerns were unfounded. It was easier than I thought. I simply stood among the crowd and watched for a little while before taking a couple of snaps.

Then I went over to another spot where people were crowding around and did the same thing. I observed for a while and took a couple more quick photos.

As I looked around the exhibition, I saw other photo opportunities. The exhibitors themselves are great subjects.

I also tried shooting from the hip just for the fun of it.

Sometimes, the photo will just present itself. Just like this exhibitor explaining to a visitor, the speech bubble was just above his head. Unfortunately, I was a little slow in pressing the shutter.

As an analogue photographer, such events are great training grounds to hone my candid/street photography techniques like watching the light levels and how it falls on the subject. Not only are there plenty of subjects to photograph, I feel that such public events are safer places for the budding street photographer as organisers have come to expect people taking photos.

It was a good thing that I had my camera with me and I simply didn’t walk away as I got some rather interesting photos that day.

Do you bring your camera everywhere too?

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