Mark Hamill in a 1971 Kodak Instamatic Commercial

2013-03-11 1

Years before he heard the calling of the force and became the last hope of the resistance against the evil Empire, Mark Hamill had a much more easy going life, just taking pictures of his girlfriend … and her mother. Watch this funny commercial from the Seventies after the jump!

What would you do if this wholesome young boy interrupted your studies, asking to take a picture of you with his new pocket camera? Granted though, he is not Luke Skywalker yet. Six years before the first Star Wars movie was released, Mark Hamill was not fighting the dark side of the force yet. Instead, you can see him acting in this old commercial for Kodak Instamatic cameras:

The idea of sweet-talking your crush into taking photos of them with a tiny camera you can take anywhere sounds fun to you as well? Check out our 110 pocket film cameras like the Diana Baby and the Fisheye Baby and the 110 pocket film that goes along with them!

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    Nice! $36 bucks? That sounds like a steal.

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