Editors' Picks: Making Monochrome Magic with Ilford FP4+


All purists, converts, and silent admirers can agree that black and white photography adds allure and mystery to an image in a way that color can’t. But if you still find yourself unconvinced, then these photos might just change your mind.

We all know that back in the day, photographs were monochromatic because there was no other option. But now that taking colored photographs is more than possible, why are people still enchanted with black and white photography?

Well, we could choose to sit here and talk about it all day, but we could also just let these photos — taken using Ilford FP4+ — do the talking for us.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Ilford FP4+ in 35mm.

Credits: hanat9651, adash, simonesavo, atria007, bravebird, marcel2cv, lulomo, pepper-b, pregrino_george, knipsomat, slumbrnghok, throughothereyes, odax, gregoriobruning, ghidini, theoclunk & caroni

Ilford FP4+ in 120.

Credits: frauspatzi, sirio174, bloomchen, kylewis, uphilldawta, tamsoam, deepfried_goodness, diwen, kleeblatt, saintempire, brommi & fivedayforecast

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