Reviews on Rewind: Belair X 6-12


While it hasn’t been that long since Lomography launched the Belair X 6-12, it’s never to early for us to look back at what our fellow lomographers have to say about this medium format shooter. If you’ve ever missed a Belair review, allow us to take you back to some of the insightful first impressions in this installment of Reviews on Rewind.

Credits: adam_g2000

Belair X 6-12 Globetrotter: First Impressions by adam_g2000

“Taking pictures with it is a breeze, just like the Land Cameras of old it works really well in even light, and surprisingly well in quite difficult light situations too.”

Credits: merelgroebbe

Taking my first steps with the Lomography Belair Jetsetter by merelgroebbe

“I tried it inside, outside, with bulb mode and lightpainting and took a double exposure – just to see what it can do. And it shows – the Belair can do anything! It is really easy to hold and shoot and it sure is a camera you want to be seen shooting with. The shutter sounds nice and clear, all the settings are easily changed and it’s just very easy. A camera with loads of possibilities, way more than I could try out in these first two rolls of film.”

My Day Was Interrupted By The Belair by troch

“I must tell you that one of the big selling points for me was three formats (6 × 6, 6×9 and 6×12) with one camera and the fact that it came with the two lenses for a wider (58mm) or a closer (90mm) view.”

Credits: gelagoo

The Belair x 6-12 Globetrotter Debuts in Winter by gelagoo

“Ergonomics-wise, I think this is a light camera despite of its size. I own a Polaroid Land 420, and the Belair echoes its design. I haven’t got the chance to hold them together and actually weigh them, but I am guessing that the Belair feels lighter. It feels good to the hands, which is always a good thing for me as I have small hands. The camera is also well-designed and something that you don’t see around that much in a market that is saturated with camera phones and digital cameras.”

Credits: marije

Lucky Bastard meets Belair: First Impressions written and translated by marije

“If you’re used to 120 film, loading the Belair is a piece of cake. Once the camera is folded in, although it’s wide, it’s pretty easy to put in my bag.”

“Folded out, however, the camera is quite big. I like carrying my camera in one hand when I’m out shooting, but the Belair is too big to be be held comfortably like that (especially when you have small hands like me). A neckstrap would be perfect, but unfortunately, the camera doesn’t come with one. This is quite a shame actually, because this is one camera you definitely want to show off hanging around your neck!”

Get to know the possibilities of medium format film and explore how your imagination can make incredible things real. With the Belair X 6-12 you can create high quality panoramic shots, square images and rectangular photos and change the quality lenses whenever you wish to. And there is much, much more. Get your Belair in our online shop!

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