My Analogue Days: The River Knows

2013-03-21 2

Sometimes, I get quite frustrated when looking at photos from other community members. It always seems to me like everybody lives in these big busy cities where there is something happening every single moment, where you can choose to walk a different road every day, where you can see new things every second. It isn’t fair.

On the other hand, I live in a small town. It is not small by Slovenian standards (yeah, raise your hand if you know where Slovenia is and how big it is), as it’s the third largest but it only has around 40,000 people living here. Yes, you got that right. It’s a small town; I call it a sleeping town. I walk the same roads every day, there’s not much happening, we don’t have big neon lights, we don’t have big cultural happenings. When I take my films to the photo lab (one of a couple that are still offering services) the guy working there doesn’t take my family name because i’m practically the only one shooting film in this town. Yes, that’s how small my town is.

It is still a beautiful town, I must say. The problem is, I always seem to be shooting the same things. If you go through my photostream you’ll probably notice that some places show up in every single album, especially the river. Our river is magical. It runs through the town and there are days where every single person from town is there, really! It is the meeting point, there is a park, there is a jogging place, the woods, the bridges, some cafes. It is a place where I shoot the most. I think I have shot our river in all seasons.

In winter:

Credits: lomofrue

In Autumn:

Credits: lomofrue

In Summer:

Credits: lomofrue

In Spring:

Credits: lomofrue

I know some of you lomo people will not be impressed, but this is my favorite place, and I’m putting it on the map! If you ever get sick of your busy cities you’re free to join me on my lomowalks by the river, where it is peaceful and calm every single moment of the day.

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  1. segata
    segata ·

    Looks like a very nice place to visit, thanks for the article :)

  2. fanfanas
    fanfanas ·

    Promise to visit Slovenia and your riverside. :) Great article, thank you. :)

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