Fujichrome T64 Professional RTP : T is for Tungsten

2013-03-29 1

T64 + sunny day + C41 = Perfect

Credits: bongofury

Fujichrome T64 Professional [RTP] is an ISO 64 tungsten type high image quality color reversal film. In its speed class, this film provides one of the highest levels of fine grain possible and faithful color reproduction. But we Lomographers like to change the rules, don’t we?

Credits: bongofury

Go out and shoot T64 on a sunny day, then cross-process T64, and you will see a blast of warmer photos.

Credits: bongofury

I also tried the T64 at night

Credits: bongofury

Personally, I only shot once with T64 and I love it

Credits: bongofury

T64 is definitely a film that I want to repeat, and the sunny days are near!

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  1. peropero
    peropero ·

    one of my favorites film! but i always get fierce pinks and purples during the day.

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