Fritz the Blitz is No Longer Monogamous Thanks to the Adaptor Kit.

2013-03-28 1

For a while, Fritz the Blitz had a steady relationship with my Belle Star Sardina. But thanks to the adaptor kit Fritz can now date pretty much any camera in my collection!

Lomography’s La Sardina and Fritz the Blitz were obviously made for each other. And there is no doubt they do make a cute couple. But just like with everything else in life, it’s fun to mix things up once in a while. So why not send Fritz out in the world with a new companion?

The adapter kit comes with an extendable bracket and a PC to hot-shoe cable. Together they allow you to attach Fritz to just about any camera that has a tripod thread and a hot-shoe.

Connecting Fitz to your camera is a breeze:

  • attach Fritz on the outside of the bracket
  • attach the bracket to your camera using the tripod mount
  • connect Fritz to your camera with the included PC to hot-shoe cable

Check out the cameras in my collection that play nice with Fritz: Lomography’s Diana F+, Sprocket Rocket and LC-A+, but also non-Lomography cameras such as Praktica BMS and Canon EOS 50E.

Using the bracket I could even attach Fritz to my old Lubitel 2. Unfortunately the Lubitel doesn’t have a hot-shoe, so the included cable is no good here. But it does have a PC connection, so I should order the Fritz the Blitz Accessory Kit 2.0 and connect Fritz with the included PC to PC flash cable.

As fun as this all might seem, the adaptor kit does have some issues. First of, build quality isn’t very high. The bracket is made entirely out of hard plastic, fairly prone to breaking. Screwing it on the tripod mount, you should take care not to over-tighten or you will break it! Secondly, using the bracket takes away the tripod function. The screws included have no thread on the bottom to provide a new tripod mount.

Finally there is one last thing I should mention. The side part of the bracket can swivel backwards, giving you the opportunity to direct the flash away from your object and have indirect lighting.

My problem is that this swiveling motion occurs even when not intended, i.e. the weight of the flash simply makes it fall backwards. Maybe this is due to the higher weight of the metal Fritz? If you do experience this issue, and you don’t mind giving up the swivel function, the quick solution is to tightly wind some electrical tape around the connector.

All in all I am pleased with the adaptor kit. It allows me to toss a single flash in my camera bag rather than having to carry around multiple flashes. And knowing that single flash is Fritz makes it even better!

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    yes I did the same thing to you about the "swiveling" that not so tough to hold steadily.

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