My Analogue Days: Photo Journalling

2013-03-14 2

Question: How do I incorporate analogue in my life aside from shooting film? Answer: Photo Journalling.

When it comes to taking photos, I am not afraid to admit that my shots can be a hit or miss. Whether it’s over/under exposure, bad composition, or strangers ‘bombing’ my photos, there will always be photos that I’m just not happy with. I am my own worst critic. However, there are some photos that I am really proud of (although these usually happen by accident) and I keep these photos in my photo journals.

My first photojournal with all my scribbles

I pick my favourite photos, print them via a lab and display them in my photo journal with a short description and title. I also scribble down notes such as my analogue activities, the cameras and films I’ve been using, my latest analogue purchases and the outcomes of trying different experiments and tipsters.

The one with all the photos

I think that this is the perfect way to make your life a little more analogue! Photo journalling allows you to keep track of your shooting adventures in a fun and tangible way! Plus, being a crafty individual, I get to decorate and personalize the album. Gone are the boring photo albums where I merely just slot the photos into the plastic sleeves! Instead, I have a colorful and personalized way to store and display my favorite photos!

My next journal

Does anyone else keep photo journals?

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  1. betterthanelvis
    betterthanelvis ·

    Ya, I do. Though I started it only this year and there are only few pics and sentences.

  2. tinkerhell98
    tinkerhell98 ·

    This looks like a great idea, I may start one this summer. : )

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