In Full Bloom: When Spring Comes

Can a poem explain spring?

Credits: bongofury

I could write here about spring, but I would say that spring is the time of year when everything changes. The colors, the light, everything is alive, the flowers bloom, the fields are green, something changes in the singing birds, and so on …

Credits: bongofury

But this time, I did something different. I picked a poem by one of the greatest poets of Portugal, Alberto Caeiro, (pseudonym of Fernando Pessoa). In my opinion, it explains well the feeling that spring produces in us.

Hope you enjoy this!

Credits: bongofury

When Spring Comes

When spring comes
If I’m dead,
The flowers flourish in the same manner
And the trees will not be less green than last spring.
Reality does not need me.

I feel a great joy
To think that my death is of no importance

If I knew I would die tomorrow
And the spring was the day after tomorrow
I would die happy because spring was the day after tomorrow.
If this is her time, when she had only come in time?
I like that everything is real and everything is right;
And because it would be like, even though I did not like.
So if i die now, I die happy,
Because everything is real and everything is right.

Pray in Latin over my coffin, if you will.
If you want , dance and sing around it.
I have no preferences for when we can not have preferences.
Whatever, whenever, that is what it is.

Credits: bongofury

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