Photographer Matthew Novak: Get Started with Film Photography – Get Some Analog Love!


Matthew Novak is a photographer, print designer, and independent film maker. He has also a huge fan of Lomography and analog photography. Now you can take a class through and absorb some of Matthew’s vast photo knowledge. Learn more about the class after the break!

Matthew Novak

What:Get Started with Film Photography – Get Some Analog Love!

This online class will help students gain the skills and knowledge they will need to make informed camera and film purchases. It will also help to teach students what went wrong with their images and how to learn from their mistakes. Not to mention introduce the class to resources such as so they can be part of the larger film photography community.

Matthew Novak

This is a great class for anyone looking to learn more about analog photography or someone who is just stating out. Previous knowledge of photography is definitely a plus, but not a requirement. All students must have their own camera and a budget set aside for film development.

Matthew Novak

In an ever changing digital world it is always important to understand the basics of photography. Not to mention its always fun sending your film off to a lab and waiting in anticipation to see if they turned out well! This class is a great way to leave the digital grind behind.

In addition students will learn tips and tricks about where to purchase film, cameras, and more information about a wide array of film labs in the USA as well as abroad. If you want to be part of the Lomo/film is not dead movement this is a great place to start.

Matthew Novak

You can sign up for Matthew’s class here.

When: March 15 – April 8, 2013

Where: The Internet!

Want to see some more of Matthew’s work? Of course you do! Check out his website.

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