Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 120: The Golden Film

2013-03-28 1

They say all that glitters is not gold, but I say Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 120 is a treasure like gold!

Credits: walasiteodito

Yellow as a fresh lemon and glitters like gold, that’s what the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 120 film will give you. This film is the last surviving slide in 120 format in Lomography’s Online Store. It’s a unique one that produces yellowish photos when cross processed and take note, it’s 200 ISO, so cloudy days are nothing to your Holgas and Dianas. But, if you put it in the newest and coolest medium format camera of LSI, the Belair X-612, you are unstoppable.

In this review I will try my best to give points both on negative and the positive traits of the film, but please remember that this will be based only from my experience in using it in the Belair.

Credits: walasiteodito

I believe this film is best used in the morning, when the sun has just risen, and everything is bathed with the sun’s wonderful yellow light. The film tends to exaggerate the yellow colors, therefore romanticizing the morning light.

Credits: walasiteodito

200 ISO films, based on my experience tend to overexpose when shot twice or thrice, but this one doesn’t. Maybe because of its very contrasty trait, shadows really turn out black, making room for the second exposure.

This one was exposed three times

Every film has it’s negative side, but my negative comment about this film maybe positive for others. What I don’t like about this film (and maybe on most slide films too) is that it tends to lose color and contrast when shot in the shade. Like these photos below, it is as if the colors had faded.

Credits: walasiteodito

I hope you learned something from my review, and I also do hope that this film will continue to be available in the Online Shop for the years to come. Because Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 120 is one hell of a golden treasure.

Credits: walasiteodito

The new Lomography X-Pro Slide 120 is made from the original Agfa RSX 200 emulsion. If you want whacked out colors, huge contrast, and insane saturation, this film is for you. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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