Analogue Day Activity: Be a Street Musician for a Day


Now, you might think that this sounds crazy and that being a busker is quite a lonely path, but if you’d stop and give it a chance (even if only for a day), you might find yourself picking up some invaluable insight.

Credits: ndroo, jojo88, onlinekiwi, street_smile & pretty-hate-machine

Remember that time we encouraged you to pick an instrument and learn how to play? How about when we all learned how important it was to stop and appreciate beauty?

Now how about you take it to the next level and combine those two together?

Try to walk on their shoes and experience for yourself what the life of a street musician is like, even just for a day. It’s a definite step out of the comfort zone for some, but the perspective and experience that it give will be like no other.

How do you make your life a little bit more analogue with each day’s passing? Aside from these Analogue Day Activities we’ve been sharing, why don’t you inspire your fellow lomographers as we inch closer to the worldwide Film Photography Day celebrations and share with us your own stories? Remember, you can also schedule your own meet-ups for the big event, show your analogue life through an awesome video, and profess your love for all things analogue with some of your best snaps!

written by geegraphy on 2013-04-07 #music #lifestyle #busking #street-performance #analogue-day-2013 #analogue-day-activity

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