General Tips for Making Party Decorations


So, you’ve finally decided to hold a fun party with your friends, away from computers, television, and the stress of a fast-paced lifestyle. To help you with the preparations and planning, we have here a few ideas you might find useful when making some party decorations.

Snaps from the La Sardina Launch Parties in East London Gallery Store and Tokyo. Notice how the the crates, fishing nets, and notices completed the feel of the fish market theme for the launch parties.

Make theme-specific accents and decors.

The best thing about having themed parties is that you are free to customize everything, especially the accents and decorations, to fit your theme. Having a pirate-themed party? Make a Jolly Roger Flag to hang on the wall. What about a rock ‘n’ roll or music-themed party? Make some decorations and accents that resemble cassette tapes, boomboxes, and vinyl records.

Photos via Chickabug on Pinterest

Decorate the party utensils.

One of the clever ways to work around decorations is to decorate the party utensils. After all, they’re often so bare and boring that adding little touches of them can change the overall feel of your table arrangement. Some ideas would be to use washi tapes, glitters, yarn, and washable paint to decorate cups, spoons, forks, toothpicks, and even wine glasses.

Classic photobooth props. Photo via April Foster Events

Make photobooth props.

We all know by now that Instax cameras make perfect photobooth cameras (alternatively, you can also use the LomoKino!), so once you’ve ticked that off your checklist, it’s time for you to prepare the photobooth props. You have the option to customize your props according to your party theme, make print-out masks, or prepare clothes and accessories for your guests to put on.

Credits: icuresick

Use Christmas lights to create a more festive mood.

Although they’re often more associated with the Holidays (and are hence named so on that note), Christmas lights can also take part in making your decorations more bright and festive. These could also allow you and your visitors to take interesting bokeh shots during the party!

Nice chalkboard paint ideas for parties. via Chickabug

Use chalkboard paint to create interesting decorative pieces.

Chalkboard paints have become a favorite by DIY enthusiasts since they can transform practically anything into…well, a blackboard. While you don’t have to slather chalkboard paint on your venue’s walls, you could use it to transform ordinary objects into eye-catching decorative pieces. For starters, you can make menu displays, backdrops, and activity boards.

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