Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip: Will It Amaze Me?

2013-03-29 3

This was the very first slide film I have ever used, so my review will be from a newbie’s perspective. My first film was disaster, the second better, and I’m looking forward to mastering the third.

Credits: jutei

Before I loaded my first slide film to my Diana Mini I read few reviews of this film. I first learned that it’s unpredictable and going through reviews, I saw many different results. Some had punchy colors, some green cast, some blue. I got really excited, because there was no way to predict the result.

I developed my first film in Tetenal C-41 kit and waited patiently film to dry. After the first scan my excitement died. It was very, VERY grainy! I had heard that cross processing increases grain, but this was too much. I took a look at the negatives and I saw the problem. Almost every picture was overexposed! I guess I underestimated light conditions badly and highly reflective snow around me made things worst. There were only couple of shot that came out right, but most of them were ruined.

Second try with a different camera, this time with Fed 50 and auto setting. Again, the excitement (and this time, fear too) was there when I began to scan. YES! The negative is fine! Some frames were underexposed, but not many. I carefully scanned all the frames and went through photo and saw very different results. Night time long exposures had green or yellow cast. Some daylight shots looked “normal” and some had green or red cast. I think I like it! Very random results, but still good. I was afraid that there would be a ton of grain, but it only really showed in overexposed shot. Although my first experience with slide film was as bad I really liked it right after the second roll. I just have to be careful with exposures.

Credits: jutei

I have to load the third roll to my camera and see how it turns out. I like this film so far and will purchase some more in the future. Also, I have to get some other slide films so I compare them and then choose my favorite.

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  1. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    I have the same pet! :)

  2. jelencitta
    jelencitta ·

    thanks for your review!! I'm a newbie and i'm trying this film this afternoon with a extremely nice and sunny weather after weeks of rain ;)

  3. jutei
    jutei ·

    @jelencitta Thanks, I'm excited to see your results :)

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