Doubles with Flowers: A Very Useful Resort

2013-03-20 7

Do you get a film swap proposal and you don’t know what to shoot? You try to find your way around it, but you don’t come up with anything. Well, a good way to solve this are flowers!

Approximately one year ago I had a traffic accident, and I could not move my left arm. I had a long list of film swaps (double exposures with other people) to do, and more and more kept accumulating.

I was frustrated because I wanted to take photos so badly, but I could not take them because I couldn’t move an arm, imagine the disaster… All the photos would have come out blurry.

What did I come up with to solve this? Shoot flowers. I didn’t have to move too much because my objective was to shoot macros. In order to do it I used a tripod and a SLR camera.

Some months ago I did a couple of tests with two swaps, one with myself and the other one with a French girl friend, and the results were good.

Credits: atria007
Credits: riotxriot

Then I cheered up. This is what you’re going to need:

  • An SLR camera.
  • A film for doubles.
  • Tripod.
  • I used close-up lenses in order not to move too much.
  • Set a higher ISO on your camera (just like every time you shoot doubles).
  • Shoot!

I leave you with some examples of what you can get.

Credits: arurin
Credits: itisanormalname
Credits: lilithmoon
Credits: sprofishgel


written by atria007 on 2013-03-20 #gear #tutorials #art #flowers #arte #swap #tipster #doubles #trucos #flores #dobles #atria007
translated by lintrs


  1. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    <3 by the way, how is your left arm now?

  2. grazie
    grazie ·

    flower girl @atria007 <3 !!

  3. atria007
    atria007 ·

    @bebopbebop thanks for ask!!! hehehe well im better now but sometimes my shoulder hurt me =( but dont worry i can move complete my arm now <3<3<3

  4. atria007
    atria007 ·

    @grazie hahahah yeah im a little flower power XD <3

  5. bigbird
    bigbird ·

    awesome pics!!! well done!! Take care your arm and take more rest.

  6. atria007
    atria007 ·

    @bigbird =D thanks ^_^

  7. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Merys <3!!!! I didn't know about your accident. I am so glad you recovered and are able to take photos again!! As always, your collection of photos is amazing. The macro flowers in combination with the other layer of photos is incredible.

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