Spring Cleaning: Store Your Rolls In A Film Case

2013-05-10 7

Tired of rummaging around your bag for film rolls loosely rolling around the bottom? Then this egg carton film box is the perfect case for you! Holding ten rolls of 35mm film, you’ll never lose a canister again.

You’ve just finished shooting a roll on your camera and need to reload it with a fresh can of film to continue snapping. You can’t locate your spare rolls and only find them swimming in the bottom of your bag after a few minutes of feeling around. You unearth the scattered canisters and you can’t even tell which ones have been exposed and which ones are new. I bet this scenario sounds familiar to many Lomographers!

Credits: denisesanjose

Luckily, when I interviewed Bellamy Hunt a.k.a. Japan Camera Hunter when he came to Manila last year, he shared a very useful tool to keep all my 35mm films tidy: the JCH Film Cases!

The plastic holder looks like an egg carton case which means up to 10 rolls of 35mm film will stay safe and sound inside! Built from durable plastic and based on a Fuji design, it won’t crack even if dropped and the lid stays shut even if it tosses around in your bag. Pretty cool, right?

The cases are available in light refracting white and sexy piano black from Japan Camera Hunter and you can even order Bikkuri film cases, meaning they will be sent to you already filled with 10 random rolls of film inside! Talk about a sweet surprise!

Since I also found some old hologram stickers while spring cleaning, I’ve decided to decorate my film case with them too. Now it’s super easy to locate my films when I need to pop in a new roll into the camera, so I highly recommend that you get on with spring cleaning and organize your analogue goodies today!

Credits: denisesanjose

Experiment with a diverse selection of films just for you! Choose from true-to-life color negatives or moody black & whites. Experiment with cross-processed film photography, or dabble with striking infrareds. Whether your preference is shooting 35mm, 110, 120 Medium Format, there’s a roll waiting for you in the Online Shop!

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  1. segata
    segata ·

    Nice article and a very cool idea :)

  2. polanri
    polanri ·

    I have two of these and it's incredibly convenient! I use one for color films and one for B&W. And JCH is also making 120 film boxes! They should be available in the Lomgraphy Shop, it would be much easier to order i.e. for people in Europe..

  3. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    Guess are soooo great! I'm thinking of getting my hands on one. I do agree with @polanri it would be awesome to have them in the shop!

  4. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    @segata @polanri @guanatos Bellamy of JCH actually said he could make a limited edition/colorway especially for Lomography! Do you think it should happen? :-)

  5. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    @denisesanjose woooooowwww Lomo-red would be AWESOME!!!

  6. segata
    segata ·

    No reason it shouldn't, not only will it make alot of Lomographers happy it will also get JCH's name out more :)

  7. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Very cool little thing, thanks for the article

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