Masked Photos: Decorate Your Pictures with a Cool Photo Frame


By popular demand, here is how to get a decorative photo-border around your pictures.

Do you remember having seen these photos before?

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When I showed you these pictures little over a year ago, I promised I would show you how I did this. For no particular reason, writing this tipster was put on hold. Recently, these pictures somehow resurfaced, and I have been receiving more requests from fellow adventurous Lomographers looking for instructions and tips. So here we go, the time has finally come to flush this project out of the pipeline!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Black paper
  • Acetate sheet (or any clear plastic, fairly stiff)
  • Scissors (or even better, a pair of shaped edge cutting scissors)
  • Strong glue
  • Clear tape

I used my Holga camera for this technique, but you could basically use any medium format camera.

  • You need two squares the size of the Holga mask, one in black paper and the other from acetate.
  • Cut a frame from the black paper square, be careful to save the inner piece as well as the border. If you have decorative scissors that cut shaped edges, all the better!
  • Glue the black paper inner piece onto the acetate square. Try to position it as close to its original position as possible. If necessary tape the parts of the border back together so they form a frame.
  • Use some tape to fix the acetate piece onto the Holga mask. Now just load some film and shoot! At this time you are only exposing the border of your pictures, as the middle part is blocked with black paper.

I decided to go shoot patterned frames such as leaves, clouds and bricks for the border, and fill the middle part of the photos with party pictures.

  • When you are done shooting the frames, find a dark place to open your camera and carefully roll the film back onto the spool.
  • For the second part of this mission you need to remove the acetate/black middle, and put the black border in its place. This time you’ll fill in the middle part of the photos. I took my camera to a party and went wild with my Holga color flash.
  • When you’re finished with this second round of shooting, remove the film spool from your camera as usual and hand it over to the photo lab.

Get ready to be surprised with the results!

written by mochilis on 2013-03-19 #gear #tutorials #mask #tipster #trick #decoration #manual #holga #holga-top-tipsters
translated by sandravo

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