Taking Back Tipsters: Spring Cleaning Edition


Love to shoot, but don’t know how to organize all the film? Then this Taking Back Tipsters instalment is for you! Now that spring’s on its way, it’s time to get cleaning!

How to Archive Your Film Negatives by merelgroebbe

Archive your film in a way that they are clearly displayed, and at the same time, organized and protected! This tipster is so simple and ingenious – you only need a binder that holds plastic sleeves and a sewing machine – that you’ll find yourself wondering why you haven’t thought of it before.

Craft Yourself a Flash Filter Organizer Card by isilu

Having trouble keeping track of those little flash filters for your Diana Flash? Then tipster might come in handy!

Organize Your LomoKino Films by shoujoai

Keep your cut LomoKino films together by loading them back into film canisters! It’ll make loading on the LomoKinoscope much easier too! Just remember to stick a label on the outside, and feel like a badass analogue filmmaker!

Not really the organizing type? No worries! Here are a couple storage tipsters for you.

Film Archiving The Easy Way by zark

Avoid unwanted piles of film lying around, and keep them nice and organized with this simple tipster!

Simple Storage for Your Rolls of Film by sickybillis

Don’t throw that VHS tape case just yet! If you want a fun and quirky way to store and display you film, then they just might come in handy!

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