Rare Leica, Nikon, and Rolleiflex among the highlights of 23rd WestLicht Photographica Camera Auction


Hardcore camera collectors and film photography enthusiasts are in for a treat in the upcoming WestLicht Photographica Camera Auction in Vienna. The auction house has recently provided a quick glimpse of the beautiful cameras that will be up for grabs during the event. Find out more after the jump!

Attention camera hunters, collectors, and enthusiasts: with the 23rd WestLicht Photographica Camera Auction scheduled to happen on May 25th, 2013, the auction house has given everyone a preview of the offerings set to wow everyone during the event.

These so-called highlights include rare Leica, Nikon, and Rolleiflex beauties. Take a look at some of them below:

Gold-Plated Leica III Mod. F LUXUS ‘Karl Henkell’

“Unique outfit of original Leitz gold plated ‘Luxus’ camera with brown lizard leather covering and 2 gold plated lenses (Summar 2/5cm no.190131, Elmar 3.5/3.5cm no.182545).”

The history of the outfit says that it was from the estate of Karl Henkell, the famous German sparkling wine producer. Henkell used the camera until 1944, then handed it down to his son Otto, who in turn passed in on to his eldest son and present owner, Hans Henkell. It was dated 1931/33 and is estimated to fetch 250,000 – 300,000 EUR.

Nikon S Black Paint

Another rare specimen in the roster, this beautiful Nikon is said to be “one of very very few few existing 100% original Nikon S in black paint!” The auction house also mentioned that very few units were made by Nikon, and in fact, the piece that will be put on auction is the only camera that they know to exist. The beautiful camera, previously owned by Nikon Sales Manager Sanetoshi Kuratsuji, is still in “original and perfect working condition.” It was dated 1954 and is estimated to fetch 40,000 – 50,000 EUR.

Rolleiflex Stereo Prototype ‘Hans Hass’

Another fascinating specimen in the roster is this prototype of a stereo camera for underwater photography. According to the auction house, only three of these prototypes were made, one given to Dr. Hans Hass, for whom Rolleiflex had earlier developed the Rolleimarin underwater housing for the Rolleiflex TLR. Hass later on sold it to R. Oesterlen, who used it for regular stereophotography for several years. It was dated 1954 and is estimated to fetch 35,000 – 40,000 EUR.

Feast your eyes and take a look at the full list of highlights in the WestLicht Photographica Camera Auction website.

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“All information and photos were sourced from WestLicht Photographica Camera Auction website.

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    I might be too late, but... isn't that a Zorki, not a Leica? The luxus haven't really made it to our times as far as I can tell.

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